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"Thanks so much for your wonderful
presentations during our first attempt at a family literacy event. We hope to make this an annual event and would love for you to be part of it again.” - Janie Kantner, Indian Trails Elementary School



Is This You?
Who I Work With

The people who are my clients understand the pull of a good story. They are parents, teachers, principals, librarians, club officers and community leaders. Somewhere, each one has experienced that story pull. Possibly it came from being readers or hearing someone read aloud, Maybe it came from having a storyteller in their family who made each gathering memorable and left everyone feeling glad they came. The people who contact me are story lovers like I am.

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"Sally’s technique captivated my students, and they always looked forward to her visits with eager participation. Of particular help to me was her ability to create programs which enhanced the subjects and themes I was teaching in my class."
- Don Pestana, Preschool/Kindergarten teacher at St. Joseph Montessori School

Even though we all share a love of story. Typically, the people who contact me have not made telling stories their focus. They may not know what a powerful tool it can be.

Do any of the following sound like you?

You are interested in reaching the reluctant readers in your elementary or middle school classroom. You know the value of reading, but some children hate picking up a book. Perhaps you have tried reading aloud some great books. You’ve tried partnered reading, terrific follow-up activities, maybe even threats. You feel you have tried everything, and you wish you could provide a spark for those resistant readers. How can you make the story experience come alive in their imaginations?

You are looking for a way to show your students that science and history are made by people like them. Perhaps you worry that, without some tie to events bigger than themselves, your students will simply forget everything. You have tried a number of approaches and some kids still aren’t getting it. You wonder what more you can do.

You are looking for a new tool to put in your teacher’s toolbox. Your classroom is running smoothly. You plan lessons and juggle the state standards as well as try to provide a variety of learning approaches. You are aware that there are still some children you miss. You wonder ..is there a new skill you can learn which might help change your classroom dynamics?

You have a successful club or organization, and you want to make sure members keep returning. Your meeting often has a spot in it for a speaker. You have had some good ones, but, as you think back, you have trouble distinguishing one from the other. Perhaps you would like to see your friends laugh together, and have something to tell their families about before they return to your next gathering.

Children in your library haven’t explored the huge variety of exciting nonfiction titles available on the shelves. You’ve given book talks. You’ve done colorful displays, but a lot of those titles just sit gathering dust. You wonder if there are any interactive intergenerational activities you have left in your bag of tricks.

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