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How I Work

What can you expect if you ask me to give a workshop or performance? How do my own beliefs influence what I do? How do I approach each job? Why should you hire me anyway? You might be wondering that right now. Please read on.

“The way your face looked when you were telling the stories, you could tell that was what you really loved to do.”
- Ashley, 13 years old.

What can you expect from me?

My programs are curriculum centered. The concern that a storytelling performance will only be entertainment in an already crammed school schedule disappears as teachers, principals and group leaders explore, with the help of the background material I provide, the new avenues for curriculum connections.

My clients find that the children in their care participate in the stories appropriately and listen actively. A good story has the power to help people forget the hard seats upon which they are sitting. Once that experience occurs, you want it to happen again.

Listeners discover that they have an interest in telling their own stories. After hearing a story that touches something personal, listeners of all ages often find themselves with a story to tell of their own.

Workshop participants discover a new tool in their professional toolbox. Group leaders and teachers express surprise at how easily they adapted a story and how eager they are to use it the next day.

My Guiding Beliefs

Stories help people learn. Current brain research says that the best learning occurs when the brain has a chance to absorb facts and ideas in the context of a story.

Listening is not a passive activity. Each performance is an invitation from me to you. Together, we make the stories come alive between us.
Words traveling through the air are the sparks for each imagination to start working. No person is the same. We form our own pictures and use our own experiences to make meaning about what we have heard.

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My Approach

My programs are tailor made for the group with which I am working, and every group is different.


I ask questions before I come and listen while I am working. I use my large pool of stories to make meaningful connections.

I provide a variety of story experiences. During a program, I will tell thinking stories, stories that may bring laughter, stories that might invite singing, stories that may even be sad. Everyone comes to a storytelling program with rich and varied life experiences. I try to make my programs rich and varied as well.

I value the community and the individuals with whom I work. I love being a member, while I am working with you, of your school or group. I find the values I encounter and the individuals I meet instructive and often inspiring.

Why Me?

The stories I tell are a combination of folktales and original stories. They explore the theme of how we belong…to each other, to ourselves and to the places we live. Recently, I have been using string stories in my programs. String figures and stories are as old as time and are told using a simple piece of string. Every culture around the world has this type of story in its past. For my programs, these stories fit right in.

I have been a teacher, a school librarian and a parent. I know about schools. I have worked cooperatively with principals and teachers to facilitate literature and research from preschool up through middle school. I have also been a sister, a daughter and a friend. I know from the inside out about the power of the oral tradition because I’ve been telling and making stories for twenty years.

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I know from the outside in how storytelling works its magic, as well, because I have been a story listener from the time I was little, and I haven’t stopped yet.

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