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“I thank you very much for teaching us.
I enjoyed your storytelling and
the stories we did ourselves. It had to have been the best week this school year." - Groveport Madison middle school student.


Sally Crandall's Services and Programs

Sally Crandall’s stories and workshops are designed to tickle your funny bone and stretch your imagination from here to yonder. Her programs are about using imagination. They are about traveling without ever leaving your seat. The spoken word traveling through the air is the simple spark for each imagination to do its own and complex work.

“I like the way you can extend on the story and make it fit each grade level. I could really see the difference between storytelling and just reading a story.” - Participant in a half day workshop given for Columbus School Librarians.

Shoestring Stories for Elementary Ages


Shoestring Stories

Stories from around the corner or across the globe. These tales are aimed at finding something out about yourself and about those who live around you. This program can contain many kinds of stories and can be adapted for many purposes.


Over The Backyard Fence
Stories from Ohio both past and present… The Flood of 1913 and Ida Grimes. The Fire of 1892 and Engine House Number 5. A story that will tell you how to catch a bear. A tall tale guaranteed to hold a surprise or two.

Tales For Little Ones
Sing along. Join right in. These stories are for laughing and moving. Children who are three to six should find these tales pocket size. They’ll be ready to be taken out again and again.

Spine Tinglers- Spooky Stories

Listen to the strange story of Parthnia Gale. Find out about the woman who had a golden arm. Did you ever hear of a pumpkin so big it could squash a house? There are tiny ticklers for little ones and genuine spine shakers for third grade and up.

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Stories For Middle School

Round the World Tales

Stories selected for this program include folktales and original stories that speak to making choices, making friends and finding your place in school and on the planet.

Over The Backyard Fence

The stories in this program come from Ohio soil. Hear the story of Ida Grimes and the Flood of 1913.  Hear how a team of prize winning oxen leads Homer Crandall to leave West Virginia for the flat lands of Ohio.

Spine Tinglers - Spooky Stories

These stories aim to send a shiver up your spine and tickle a laugh out as well.  Hear about the strange girl named Parthenia Gale.  Follow Hoichi, in this old Japanese tale, as he meets with the ghost of a Samurai.  Laugh at the grave yard story with a surprise ending.


As part of a Middle School program, you might hear such stories as:
The Boy Who Drew Cats, a Japanese story that emphasizes the importance of valuing your own talents.
Charlie, in the Fire of 1892, must make a difficult decision and find the right people to ask for help.

Shorty and The Ball Of String is a humorous tall tale that speaks to Middle School students as they struggle to find their place in their neighborhood and family. This story underlines the values of divergence and the strength of community.


For Adults

Programs can be organized around a variety of themes. You might hear the story of Ida Grimes in the 1913 Flood. This story is based on the account of a survivor of that important piece of Columbus history.

Charlie and the Fire of 1892 was commissioned by the German Village Society and takes place in the time when people fought fire with horses and steamers.

Sally's story called "Half Naked Grecian Garden Ladies", a tall tale about participating in the German Village House and Garden Tour, won first prize at the 2005 Hock Hocking Liar’s Contest.

The story called Bees is a humorous story about what it takes to stay married for the long haul.

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Workshops can last a class period or be extended into a weeklong residency. Each workshop is fine tuned according to the needs of the group. Following is a short description. More detail is available on request.

“I’m telling no 'tall tale' when I say that my students and I appreciate your sharing the gift of your time and your enormous talent with us during the two-day workshop.” - Rita Rohr, Middle School Language Arts Teacher.



“No Way,” You Say:
A workshop about telling tall tales. We will take what we know is true. We’ll work to stretch it and pull it until that story is something else again. With the state standards in mind, we’ll combine writing and talking to explore the elements of a tall tale, character and setting. At the end we’ll have our own version of a whopper contest.

Standards are met under Oral Communication, Writing Processes and Writing Applications.


Story Stretchers:
This workshop, available for K – 8, aims to get inside the workings of writing stories. Using writing, storytelling and drama we will explore what it takes to make a story. We’ll work on the elements of character, dialogue and setting. When we are finished students will have writing to share.

Standards are met under Oral Communication, Writing Processes and Writing Applications


String Story and Figure Workshop:
Participants learn two string figures while exploring this ancient and multicultural art and story form. This workshop is an excellent community builder. As students work together, participants will be excited about the creations they make and will take them home to teach their family members.

Standards can be met under Geometry and Spatial Sense, Geography and People in Societies.




For Teachers and Librarians

Using Storytelling In the Classroom or Library:
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Teachers, librarians and group leaders learn about the value of storytelling. They explore its secret ingredients and listen to a few stories. Finally, participants learn and practice a story or two to take back and use the next day.

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