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"Your Shoestring Stories are amazing. You certainly have a gift for storytelling as you were able to hold the attention of the whole
audience." - Jenny Sullivan, Greenville Public Library



Sally’s stories tickle your funny bone and stretch your imagination from here to yonder.

"Your gift for storytelling is truly a talent and the choice of your tales is delightful." - Ellen O'Shaughnessy, Columbus Cultural Arts Center

If you are searching for a special storyteller who will be remembered and asked for again and again, you have come to the right place.

Are you a teacher, a principal, a librarian or a scout leader? Perhaps you are planning for a group of senior citizens, a church group or a banquet. By visiting the following pages, you will get to know how Sally Crandall’s storytelling programs and workshops can fill your needs.

  • Select “Is This You?” Find out with whom I work and how my programs adapt to various settings.
  • Select “How I Work” Take a look at what you can expect from me, my guiding principles, my approach to workshops and performances, and how I am unique.
  • Select “Programs and Services” Examine the types of workshops and programs I offer.
  • Select “About Sally” Take a look at my biography and see a sampling of my most recent workshops and performances.
  • And, if you need some useful and easy-to-follow Lesson Plans, you will find them HERE.

Click on Heads or Tales to read my storytelling blog.